MultiMC 5 Has Been Released!

MultiMC 5 has officially been released. Please see this post on for more info.


Post-Minecon Report and some MultiMC News

So, I had a lot of fun at Minecon. There was far too much going on for me to list everything that happened, but my favorite by far was getting to meet many of the awesome people who I’ve only previously known from behind a screen. For some reason, now, I feel motivated to begin working on MultiMC again, so maybe that’s what I’ll do. Here I’m going to attempt to explain some of the reasons why I stopped, and why I think I feel motivated to continue now.

So, turning back the clocks to the very beginning, MultiMC was born from my frustration. I had been running multiple installs of Minecraft for a while using batch files in a folder with a bunch of extra stuff jumbled into some disorganized mess. Eventually it became too much to manage, and I became frustrated. To solve my problem. I decided to write a little program, just something to help me manage everything. I called it MultiCraft, and it looked like this.

MultiCraft main window. (I find it quite funny that the UI has hardly changed since then)

At some point (November 30, 2011), I decided to post it on the ...


Minecon 2013!

I (Forkk) am at Minecon 2013! I’m not on any panels, but I am attending, so I’ll probably just be walking around with my brother. I’ll also be tweeting about it, so be sure you go and follow me on Twitter @Forkk13. There’s a picture of me on there somewhere, so if you see me, don’t be afraid to come and say hello.

Anyways, that’s all for now. See you at Minecon!


Another Status Update and MultiMC’s New Website

This will be a short post. MultiMC now has its own website, We’ll be posting information about MultiMC on there from now on, rather than on here. You can read the first post here. It has some more information about our current status/progress.


Announcing AutoCron, my new Android Project

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on an app for Android. The app is called AutoCron and its purpose is to automate several things on Android devices according to user-specified “automations”. Each automation has a set of “rules” and “actions”. The rules specify when the automation is “active”, while the actions specify what should happen when the automation activates and deactivates. This allows users to completely configure their automation the way they want.

Currently, AutoCron is in closed alpha testing, and is under heavy development. Although it is in closed alpha testing, I am accepting new testers to help with testing it. If you’d like to apply to join the alpha testing, please fill out the Google Docs form here. I will be going through the form submissions every so often and inviting people to join the alpha testing. Please note that if you join the alpha test, you will still have to purchase the app on Google Play. The price is currently set at $2 (USD), but it may change in the future. Do not ask for a free copy. Google Play does not allow me to give out free copies of apps, and I ...


Update: State of the Launcher - What’s up with MultiMC?

So a lot of people have been asking about Minecraft 1.6 again, or “how’s MultiMC going”, and other questions I answer about 256 times every day, so I figured I’d post another update here and answer everyone at the same time (hopefully).

The current situation

So what is going on? Why isn’t it done yet?

  • I am currently not working on the project, but some of the awesome folks from the IRC channel (namely, peterix and TakSuyu) have picked it up and started working on it.
  • Minecraft 1.6 support will not be added in MultiMC 4. There are far too many complications and doing so would be hacky and messy. If any crazy C++ developers would like to take a stab at 1.6 in v4, be my guest, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • Instead, MultiMC 5 is being worked on, and we’re going to release it when it’s ready with support for Minecraft 1.6.
  • Unfortunately, development isn’t moving along too quickly, but we’ll get there eventually.

Now, then…

With that out of the way, there are a few more things I have to say…

  • No ...

Update: Minecraft 1.6 and Synctron

So, I came back from vacation this week to find my email and Twitter accounts flooded with a bunch of similar questions. Furthermore, all of the questions were questions that I had already publicly answered before multiple times. I guess the people who asked them couldn’t be bothered or were to incompetent to check and see if I had answered the question before and just asked anyways. As a result, I feel the best way to answer all these questions at once is to answer them in a blog post and then make fun of anyone who continues to ask said questions for not reading this blog post. Here we go.

Minecraft 1.6

A lot of people asked a lot of questions about Minecraft 1.6. Here are your answers.

Does MultiMC support Minecraft 1.6?

At the moment, no it doesn’t.

Why doesn’t MultiMC support 1.6?

The Minecraft 1.6 update changes how the game is launched. Unfortunately, said changes also break MultiMC.

Will MultiMC ever support 1.6?

Yes, eventually.

When will MultiMC support 1.6?

That’s hard to say right now. To be honest, I’m not currently working on it ...


Meet Synctron, my new project!


Some of you who follow me on Twitter may know that I’ve recently been working on a new project called Synctron. Synctron is a website that synchronizes YouTube videos, allowing you to watch videos online with other people at the same time. Synctron allows you to create rooms and give people links to your room so that they can join and watch videos with you. Each room also has its own chat area too where you can discuss the video with others who are watching.

Currently, Synctron is still in the early stages of development, but I’ve decided to put up a “testing” version of it while I work on it. If you’d like to give it a try, just head on over to and join any room you’d like. If you’d like to create your own room, simply create an account, log in, and click the “Create Room” button in the top right corner of the page. Please keep in mind that this is still a testing version, not an official release, so don’t stare directly at the bugs.

Now, for some MultiMC related news. Unfortunately, Synctron is going to become ...


Please help Cloudy get his daughter back

I woke up this morning and decided to check Twitter to see if anything interesting was happening, when a certain unfortunate situation came to my attention. Cloudy, one of the developers of the Computer Craft mod needs funds in order to get to America so he can try to claim custody of his daughter. His daughter “has reportedly been sexually abused and has been neglected by her mother.” He wrote a blog post about it and I strongly encourage you to go and read it here.

I am writing this blog post to ask that you at least spread the word about this. You don’t necessarily have to donate, but at least spread the word so that Cloudy’s daughter can be given the home that she deserves.

Thank you for your time and your consideration.


MCNostalgia is Dead

Some of you may have noticed that MCNostalgia in MultiMC has stopped working recently. Unfortunately, the developer who maintains MCNostalgia has recently disappeared from the Internet and the server that hosted MCNostalgia was taken down. I’m still not completely sure on what the situation is, but from the looks of things, MCNostalgia isn’t coming back (at least not any time soon). Unforunately, this means that MultiMC will no longer be able to use MCNostalgia to downgrade to versions of Minecraft prior to 1.2.

There is a solution, though. I’m looking into possibly making my own downgrading service, similar to MCNostalgia. I just need copies of all the old jars. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?


Update May 8: Just to clarify, we probably aren’t going to be getting jar files from people we don’t already know and trust. We need to be sure that they haven’t been tampered with first.

Update May 10: Turns out Orochimarufan, one of the guys helping out with MultiMC 5, happened to have copies of all the jars from MCNostalgia. I’ve written a system of Python scripts for generating patches and put it up on the ...


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